2d Animation Vs 3d Animation

2D Animation Vs. 3D Animation

Animation appears to be here to stay as an art form. While there are many advancements in the realm of 3D animation, 2D animation is still being used. It isn’t so much a question of which type of animation is better, but what each type of animation brings to a project.

2D Animation

To construct a 2D animation, the animator will use bitmap images that consist of blocks of color. When these blocks of color are placed side by side, they create a picture, according to AnimationSchoolReview.com.

3D Animation

Animation in 3D uses computer generated lines, surfaces and solids to create a three-dimensional look. The end product is an image with more perceived depth than would be obtained in 2D animation.

Limitations of 2D

Unlike 3D animation, in 2D animation only one angle or side can be seen at a time, giving the image a flat look.

Limitations of 3D

The skill sets required to do 3D animation are much more difficult to obtain than those required of 2D animation. It also tends to be more expensive to create 3D images.

The Outlook

Both 2D and 3D techniques are now being used in the creation of animated projects. According to AnimationSchoolReview.com, this means that both 2D and 3D animations that have been artistically integrated together will become the norm on many animation projects in the future.

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