3d Architectural Design Careers

3D architectural design software allows you to render architectural designs.

A person trained and specializing in 3D architectural design software, such as AutoCAD®, can be successful in various architectural or design careers. It is not necessary to have an extensive education either; some 3D architectural design jobs can be acquired with certification in the appropriate software. However, the more education you have, and the more software you know use, the easier it will be to get started in a career as a 3D architectural designer or renderer.


Architects work for firms or on their own and take contracts to design or renovate buildings or parts of buildings. Not too long ago, architects drew floor plans and elevation drawings by hand or built models of their buildings using wood, cardboard or other materials. Now, architects rely heavily on 3D architectural design software, which allows them to render 3D versions of their designs easily. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median (the midpoint salary, with half the salaries higher and half lower) annual salary for architects in 2008 — was $70,320.

Interior Designer

Interior designers, like architects, design spaces. Unlike architects, interior designers concentrate on the inside of the building after it is built or renovated. With 3D architectural software, interior designers can build 3D representations of the rooms they are working on, to help their customers visualize the proposed design. Although not all interior designers use 3D architectural software to the extent that architects do, some interior designers benefit greatly from not having to draw out their plans, a project which can take a lot of time an effort which the software cuts out on. According to the BLS, the median salary in 2008 for interior was $44,950 a year.

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Drafters prepare technical drawing for architects, manufacturers, and other industries. Sometimes drafters work on designs of their own, and other times they simply reproduce someone else’s design. Like architects, drafters used to rely heavily on pencil, paper, and other architectural drafting tools such as scale rulers, and T-squares. Now, drafters, like architects, use 3D architectural design software. According to the BLS, the yearly median salary in 2008 for drafters was $44,490.