3d Kitchen Remodeling

Remodel your kitchen in 3D before remodeling it in real life.

You may have ideas regarding what you’d like your new kitchen to look like, but are unsure of go about putting together a design. With 3D kitchen remodeling tools, you can create the kitchen of your dreams. Computer software programs are available that will allow you to see what your new kitchen will look like before you begin remodeling in real life. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Purchase an interior design computer software program. Do some online research to find a program that will best suit your kitchen remodeling needs. Consider a program like Kitchen Designer from Punch Software for an affordable option. Kitchen Designer costs $9.99 in 2010. For a more professional approach to remodeling your kitchen, consider a program like the Home Designer Suite from Chief Architect. This program costs $99.00.

2. Insert the design software onto your computer. Your computer should automatically recognize the disc and prompt you for permission to run the program. Follow the manufacturer’s on-screen instructions for installation and begin familiarizing yourself with the software. Chief Architect offers an online tutorial and Punch Software has extensive Help options. Read about and understand the design tools available to you with your software program. Practice dragging and dropping features such as cabinetry, flooring and lighting into your virtual kitchen.

3. Measure the dimensions of your kitchen and plug them into your virtual design. Most software programs will guide you step-by-step through kitchen completion and will ask you for these dimensions up-front. Add in features such as windows and doors to your 3D kitchen design to match the look of your current real-life kitchen.

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4. Make some changes. Use the design toolbox to drag and drop new cabinetry, flooring and lighting to your updated kitchen design. Add in a new sink, countertops, an island or a glass tile backsplash. Change your kitchen’s wall colors, fixtures and hardware. This is the time to create your virtual kitchen in the manner you’d like to see your real-life kitchen look. Be creative!

5. Choose to print your 3D kitchen remodeling project and use it as a guide for remodeling your actual kitchen.