3d Max Pool Tutorial

If you need a 3-D version of a pool, you can create it in 3D Max.

3D Max is one of the most widely used 3-D applications on the market. It is sold by Autodesk Corporation and has many of the same features as other heavyweights in the field, such as Maya or Cinema 4D. 3D Max often is used to create models. For example, if you need a 3-D model of a pool to place in a landscape animation or rendered image, it is easy to accomplish using the tools and functions of 3D Max. Just add your props, and you’re all set.


1. Click on the desktop shortcut to start the 3D Max application.

2. Click on the “Create” tab in the upper right and choose “Box” from the “Standard Primitives.” Hold down the left mouse button and drag in the “Perspective” view to drag out the shape and size of the box. Make it the width and length of the pool. Set the height to be slightly greater than the depth of the pool plus the pavement area around the pool.

3. Go to the “Graphite Modeling” tools at the upper left and, from “Polygon Modeling,” choose “Convert to Poly.”

4. Select the top polygon. Right-click on it and select “Inset.” Hold down the left mouse button and drag to define the area around the pool where people walk and sit in chairs.

5. Right-click on the polygon and choose “Extrude.” Hold down the left mouse button and drag to extrude the central polygon down to form the water-holding part of the pool. Save your work.

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