3d Model Games

This is an example of a 3D image, although most games do not look as though they are coming out of the screen–yet.

With advancing technologies in gaming, new games have been created that offer scenarios that are as realistic as possible. For this reason, they are in three dimensions (3D) so that our vision perceives objects in the games with more depth, as we do with real objects. These games also provide customizable models of people, cars, bikes and other objects involved with the games.

3D Model

You can play this 3D game, which uses clothing, wigs and accessories to customize your own fashion model. This game was created for those who enjoy fashion, especially for children and teenagers. The models are primarily females. You have a variety of clothing to choose from, and some games have certain brands you can select from and purchase for yourself in a real online store. In general, you simply drag and drop each article of clothing, wig or accessory onto the body of the model. You can try an endless amount of combinations to create the outfit that you favor the most.


Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer, another type of 3D model game, is a realistic soccer game. The 2010 version includes a wide array of features (as of 2010), such as cutting-edge visuals, animations, moves, and a coordination between players’ expressions and the conditions in the game. There is an Internet interaction that you are able to play with others online and download content (i.e. models and figures) and updates. The artificial intelligence that was updated by Teamvision 2.0 Referees enables more balanced calls during games. This game takes full advantage of the 3D graphics by offering a 360-degree control.

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Midnight Club 2

This 3D game is known as a street racing game that uses wild scenarios. You can select from an array of models of racing cars and bikes along with different models of drivers. The 3D cityscapes that you can travel through include Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo. The main features of this game include its detailed graphics and flexibility of maneuvers, which make it appear as “real life” as possible. This game is available for Playstation 2, Xbox and PC.