3d Rad Games

Many 3D game-making programs are available online. One of these programs is “3D Rad Games.” This program lets you design and create your own 3D games. It is available for download from the 3D Rad website or from the CD ROM. Many different uses and options are available with this program.


“3D Rad Games” is a free program that can be used to make 3D models and create games. It is designed to be easy for non-programmers to use, featuring a simple point and click design method. The modeling system resembles a more complex “Microsoft Paint” program. Users can create squares, lines and other objects and color them however they want. They can then program their movements, physics, artificial intelligence and the control mechanism for the games. You can also include add-ons to your game. These are automatically integrated into your game and include backgrounds, character animations and simulated physics.

Games and Game Types

The types of games available depend on the programmer. “Stunt Plane” is an arcade game where players use the keyboard to control the plane’s movement through the sky and attempt to earn points by doing stunts. “Belt Ball” is a fighting game where players have to jump in the air and land on top of their opponents. Driving games are also available, such as “Time Bomb Duel” and “SUV Race.” These are all simple arcade games, but you can also make more complex games. Players can develop simple 3D role playing games or even 3D puzzle games similar to “3D Tetris.”

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You can embed these games in your web page and use them as free advertisement tools for your own personal business or services. Download the file named “ClickableAdUnit.3dr” from the AddOns section of the “3D Rad” website. This program will automatically create the clickable code for your advertisements. Upload your advertisement image into the program. Place the link for your website in the “link” section of the program. Execute the program to integrate the clickable ad into all the games on your website.


You can also use “3D Rad Games” to create a wide variety of 3D programs. For example, you can create 3D story books. These books are virtual recreations of stories that have animations and narration. You can give a virtual book to a child as a birthday or Christmas present. Other uses for “3D Rad Games” include recreating an exotic area to explore. Use pictures of a specific area to make an explorable virtual environment. Areas you can design include a foreign city or other environment, such as a desert or rain forest. Users control a point-of-view character that doesn’t interact with the environment or fight against enemies.