7th Grade Writing Activities

Enhance literacy and writing for students with activities that incorporate writring and art.

Develop dynamic seventh grade writing activities that incorporate art. In these cross-curricular activities, “students should find their own meaning in the material, some of which should be the ‘raw data’ of the creative studio experience and original works of art, be they building, painting or craft projects,” states Al Hurwitz and Michael Day, authors of “Children and Their Art: Methods For the Elementary School.” This method, the authors contend, “encourages a visual narrative approach, wherein one activity reinforces the other … ” Art-integrated activities motivate seventh graders. They learn to write on varied topics while presenting novel ways to show off their writing skills.

Literary Character Trading Cards

Create literary character trading cards after class-selected readings, such as “Al Capone Does My Shirts” or “Rumble Fish.” Students devise trading card templates or use index cards to complete this activity. In the style of graphic character organizers, each card includes the character’s name, physical appearance and traits. Include elements such as character’s actions and end goal or resolution. Character cards can incorporate setting and one or two memorable character quotes. Further facts may include the character’s nemesis or character illustration or symbol. Formulate author cards from selected readings for an alternate approach.

Diamante Poem

A diamante poem consists of seven lines created into a diamond shape. This seventh grade activity takes preparation and skillful word arrangement. Students brainstorm a concept or topic that will lead to an influential or compelling assertion in a structured poem format. They will use two opposing concepts. Seventh graders begin the first line of the poem with a single word. This first word contrasts with the seventh line. Two adjectives formulate the second line and describe the first word. The third line contains three action words that relate back to the first word. As the transitional line in the poem, line four becomes slightly difficult. Seventh graders must generate two nouns associated with the first word. On the same line, two nouns will connect to the poem’s last line. The fifth line contains three action verbs linking to the last line. On line six, students need two adjectives describing the last line. One antonym that contrasts with the first word finishes the diamond shaped poem. Use a selection of vocabulary words and printed template. As an extension, seventh students can also create a work of art inspired by their poem, a suggestion from the University of Maine Museum of Art website.

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Image to Story

This writing exercise is effective for a seventh grade narrative writing activity. Students select a personally inspiring image and interpret it into a story. From this image, students generate characters and character traits. Seventh graders use the image’s setting to invent the location and time period in which the story takes place. Students establish a point of view and introduce action. As the writing activity progresses, seventh graders incorporate the character’s thoughts and voice, as well as dialogue. Include events that led up to or followed the found image. Stories should contain selected vocabulary words or relate to a recently selected book theme.