About Jobs In Computer Graphic Design

This article will tell about jobs in computer graphic design. What the job is, where to educate yourself and what you can do with a job in graphic design.

About Graphic Design

Graphic design has been growing steadily for the past few years. The web has become a major way of communicating with people as well as clients. When a person decides to make a living doing graphic design, they have to consider if they are naturally gifted in the area of design. Although most of your pieces will be created and distorted using the computer, a person must have some drawing skills. If you feel that you need further instruction in arts or if you want to increase your income with formal training programs, there are several programs available.

About Educating Yourself in Graphic Design

There are several different programs offered for those who wish to take up a career in graphic design. Someone going for graphic design may also consider taking up a minor in communication or web design to further enhance her skills.

Certificate Programs

A certificate program is a good idea to start out with, if one is not absolutely positive that he wants to go into the field. It is also a good program as well for someone who wants to enhance his skills without attending a 4=year program. These programs last from 6 months to a year, and you will be given a certificate when you have finished. You will also have created a nice portfolio that you can sfuture employers.

4-Year Program

There are also 4-year programs available for graphic design. These programs are usually very in depth, and you will leave with a lot of experience. Toward the end of the program, you will complete an internship with a company, which will provide you will the real-world experience.

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Jobs in Computer Graphic Design

The world of the web is growing, which means job in this field are as well.

Someone can be a freelance graphic designer, meaning she works for herself. Freelance graphic designers, for the most part, set their own hours and pay rate.

Companies use on-staff graphic designers to make graphics for their billboards, fliers, T-shirts and anything else you can think of. If a person has experience in graphic design as well as in web design, a company may ask him to create the website plus the print designs.