Accelerate Gma Graphics On A Mac

Boost the speed of a Mac computer’s graphics card.

You can accelerate the GMA graphics on a Mac computer using a GMABooster. It is a free piece of software that overclocks the graphics card to a higher setting than its manufacturer set it. The program automatically detects the core clock speed on the card and lets you boost that speed up to three times faster.


1. Go to, then click the “Download” button and click the icon for the graphics card that matches the one in your Mac computer. On the next page, click the “Mac” icon. Click the “Download GMABoosterX CLI Edition” link, as well as the “Download Free Apple CHUD Tools” link.

2. Install the Apple CHUD Tools software first, as it’s a prerequisite to using the GMABooster on a Mac Computer. Next, run the GMABooster setup file and install the program.

3. Double-click the “GMABooster” icon from the programs folder or launcher bar.

4. Click the drop-down menu that shows the graphics card speed, then highlight speed boost setting and click the “Set” button. Close the program, as the setting remains for the entire computer session.

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