Acquire Yuffie In Final Fantasy 7

Acquire Yuffie in Final Fantasy 7

Yuffie is a wandering teenage ninja who travels the world in search of materia to steal from people. If you can find her and beat her in combat, she can be convinced to join the party. Yuffie is one of the better characters in Final Fantasy 7: She has very strong limit breaks, and also has the “Throw” materia, which can be very useful to the party.


1. Play through the game until the party leaves the city of Midgar.

2. Travel to the area around around Fort Condor and walk through the forests, fighting random battles until you are attacked by Yuffie.

3. Beat Yuffie in combat, then talk with her after the battle. Do not use the save point nearby, or Yuffie will steal from you and run off.

4. Answer Yuffie’s questions in such a manner that you never turn your back on her or say anything mean enough to make her leave. Your answers to her questions should be “Not interested,” “Petrified,” “Wait a second,” “That’s right” and finally “Let’s hurry on.” As long as you make your responses in that order, Yuffie will then join the party as a playable character.

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