Adjust Video Settings In An Intel Graphics Card

Adjust your Intel graphics card settings to change your resolution.

Intel graphics cards are included in many computers on the market today. They offer support for a variety of displays and graphics modes. You can adjust the settings for your display resolution, display type and color set. Before adjusting your graphics settings, check the Intel website for any available updates to the software or firmware. This will make sure that you can access any new settings that these updates provide.


1. Open the Intel Graphics Card properties by right-clicking on your desktop and choosing “Graphics Properties.”

2. Select the monitor or display that you want from the “Display Devices” tab.

3. Choose from supported screen resolutions on the “Display Settings” tab. Select one and click “Apply” to change it. You will have an opportunity to revert to your previous resolution if you don’t like the new one.

4. Apply your other settings. Choose from the other available settings in the “Display Properties” dialog box and then click “Apply” to apply them all.

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