Adult Games On The Internet

Adult Games on the Internet

The world of online games is constantly growing. Nearly all genres of games imaginable are available for free online play. One burgeoning genre is the adult game category. There are even a few subgenres. Note that these games are not for kids.

Dress-up Games

Dress-ups aren’t just for dolls any more. The dress-up genre of adult games allows players to fit sexy cartoon models with a variety of outfits — or lack thereof. Some games allow dress-ups of popular characters, such as Fatal Fury’s Blue Mary and Dragon Ball Z’s Bulma, and others allow dressing or undressing of popular figures, such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Others invent their own characters in the styles of anime, hentai or Western cartoons. A hugely popular subgenre of dress-up games is the dating sim, in which players are tasked with collecting items and accumulating knowledge to impress and undress cartoon ladies.

Puzzle Games

Use your brain and get a titillating reward. Adult puzzle games contain a variety of styles of play based on common brainteasers but with adult twists. Falling block games challenge players to line up falling pieces to spy the revealing background behind, while identification games challenge you to correctly discern one body part from another. Strip Hangman games require you to guess a word before time runs out for an R-rated reward, while quiz games ask players a questions that require adult answers — for an eye-candy reward. There are also a variety of games that simulating card games like Strip Poker and Blackjack.

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Action Games

Fast-action arcade-style adult games can be found in any vintage video arcade, but the adult content probably won’t be there. Test your fast-clicking skills to unlock adult hentai and photography images or take on shooting challenges and dart games to remove clothes. Test your quick spotting abilities to find the secret areas that will unlock private content or navigate your way through platform and shooting challenges to rescue cute princesses.