Aircraft Simulator Games

Take control of real-life aircraft in a flight simulator.

Aircraft simulators give gamers a chance to realistically control aircraft with a setting as close to real life as possible. Aircraft simulators are designed to be either a true-to-life representation, with real life physics and controls, or an arcade-style jet-fighter. Flight sims require time and patience to master; they are in a niche that is not for every gamer. These games are designed for the true aircraft enthusiast.

Flight Simulator X

The latest in Microsoft’s popular “Flight Simulator” series, “Flight Simulator X” is the pinnacle of aircraft simulators. Even real-life pilots comment on the realism of the controls and the physics of how the planes are flown; in fact, Microsoft stated that “FSX” can be considered a training tool for pilots. Made exclusively for the PC in 2006, “FSX” is for the true flight sim aficionado; it is not for the “pick-up-and-go” arcade player. “FSX” requires hours of practice and hours of reading, but the payoff is worth it, if you are looking for the truest representation of flying an aircraft. With over 55 missions with 24 different planes, compared to the 18 that come with the standard edition, “FSX” has plenty of variety to keep you occupied.

Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk

If the studying involved with “Flight Simulator X” is not an attractive proposal, “Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk” is an easily accessible game suitable for the expert pilot or the rookie gamer. Set in the near future, “Rebel Raiders” gives gamers a chance to control jet-fighters in a nonstop combat setting. Controls are easy enough for any gamer to master quickly, which is why you can find this game on the Nintendo Wii; this console has cultivated a reputation of catering to video game newcomers.

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Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2

If you are overwhelmed by the controls of “FSX” and underwhelmed by the simplicity of “Rebel Raiders”, the happy medium is “Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2.” With constant dogfights — or furballs, which are multiple-enemy dogfights — HAWX 2 keeps gamers occupied. The controls are simple, and the intense gameplay and individual tactical freedom enhance the game.

Although the controls are simple, they require mastering; gamers can jump into a game easily enough, but to win dogfights, skill and tactics need to be made.

This Xbox 360 game has impressive visuals and in depth multiplayer features. If you do not want a detailed simulator and you do not want a simple shooter, “HAWX 2” is perfectly set in the middle.