Alaskan Games And Activities For Grade School Kids

Teach students about Alaska through interactive extension activities.

Alaskan games and activities for grade school kids teach the students about geography, culture and cuisine. Transport students beyond the written text and inspire discovery through hands-on extension projects. Utilize various forms of media, art, culinary activities and interactive games to instill a lasting impression about the state of Alaska and the people who call it home.

Alaska Booklet

Making a passport booklet for states and countries “visited” throughout the school year serves as a student-created self-expression study guide. Draw or download a passport graphic and print it on cardstock or construction paper and use it as the front cover of the booklet. The back cover could be printed with the state outline or flag for the students to color. Students complete the activities on each Alaskan-themed handout and build their own reference book. You can create a set of writing, coloring, simple research and blank drawing pages for the booklet. If you are going to repeat the passport concept throughout the year, try and make the pages follow an activity pattern designed to meet curriculum outcomes. Use the school booklet binding machines, multiple hole-punch machine and yarn or staples to affix the pages and cover together.

Virtual Field Trips

Students can virtually travel to Alaska via online field trips or global classroom websites. Teachers from around the world can typically register without cost for a global classroom account and begin a real-time exchange with classes at the same grade level. You may also be able to find a virtual guided tour or learning project at Alaskan attractions or departments. A webcam and an Internet connection are all the tools needed to interact with a wildlife preserve ranger who speaks directly to class about native wildlife.

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Student Tour Guides

An ordinary classroom can be transformed into a mini-Alaska with a bit of creativity and common art materials. Guide the students in creating Alaskan-themed posters of the landscape, animals and plants by tracing images from an overhead projector. You could use white butcher paper stuffed with scrap paper or foam to make ice formations and snow. The students could become Alaskan tour guides and share their knowledge with school staff and younger students who tour the classroom.

Music and Cuisine

A culinary or music project can work in conjunction with the tour guide activity. Students can follow traditional Alaskan recipes under teacher guidance to share with classroom visitors. Make simple musical instruments which resemble the ones used by native Alaskan tribes. Students can play the instruments during the classroom tours or for their parents during a special classroom presentation about Alaska.