Animate Objects In Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 has an add-on animation program that can create 3-D animation graphics in a spreadsheet. The program, 3-D Animation Engine, is a free download designed by Microsoft which will animate shapes, objects and Word Art. The objects that have been animated in the Excel Animation Engine can inserted as objects into Excel spreadsheets or used in PowerPoint presentations.


Download and Install Excel 3-D Animation Engine

1. Open a browser and go to Microsoft’s Download Center.

2. Locate the 3-D Animation Engine under Office products add-ons.

3. Click “Download” and “Run” to begin the program download.

4. Click “Yes” to download and run the program on your computer.

5. Click “Unzip” to open the file. Save the file to your desktop for easy access.

6. Click “OK” to complete the program’s installation.

Open and Configure Excel 3-D Animation Engine

7. Double-click on the 3-D Animation Engine file to open it. The program will automatically open in Excel 2007.

8. Click on the Macro warning box to enable Macros in this program. Click “OK.”

9. Delete the animation example that is in the work space by clicking on the shape and hitting the backspace key. The program configuration is complete.

Animate an Excel Object

10. Click the Insert tab on the tool ribbon on the top of the spreadsheet.

11. Click “Shapes” and choose a shape or object to animate. Pick an area on the work screen to place the animated object and click on that area. The shape will appear on the screen.

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12. Left-click on the shape and choose “Format Shape” to adjust the size, shape, color and angle of the shape. Close the “Format Shape” box when finished.

13. Change the size of the shape by clicking on one of the handles on the box surrounding the shape and dragging the handle to increase or decrease the shape’s size.

14. Click the “Animate!” button to animate the object when you have finished formatting.

15. Click “Save” to save the image. Type in a name for the image in the dialog box and click “OK.” The image can accessed through Excel to be used in a spreadsheet or exported to a PowerPoint presentation.