Animation Effects In Microsoft Powerpoint

Change your boring Microsoft PowerPoint presentation into one that your audience wishes would never end by adding some special effects. While not on par with Steven Spielberg’s epic movies, animation effects change the way your text appears on the screen and can move your slide show from beginner-level rated “G” for good, to a more adult-oriented “PG” for pretty good or even to the “R” rating for really awesome. Read on to learn add animation effects in Microsoft PowerPoint.


1. Choose the slide you would like to modify with an animation effect. Slides can be found using the scroll bar in the “Slide Pane” or “Outline Pane” on the left-hand side of the screen. Another option is to use the “Slide Sorter” view to find your slide by choosing “View” on the top menu bar.

2. Click the text box that you will be modifying, then choose “Custom Animation” from the drop-down list under “Slide Show” on the top menu bar. An area will open up on the right-hand side of the window.

3. Add an effect by clicking the “Add Effect” button. You will have several choices to make about how you want the text to behave.

4. Slide your cursor to “Entrance,” “Emphasis,” “Exit” and “Motion Path” to change the text. Change how the text first appears on the slide with the “Entrance” option and how it disappears off the slide with “Exit.” The “Emphasis” option will change the appearance of the text and “Motion Paths” is the direction the text will move as it enters and exits.

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5. Modify the text transition on the page by changing how it starts, the direction, and the speed from the drop-down menus below the “Add Effect” button.

6. Hit the “Play” button to preview your animation effect choices. Each text box has an assigned number so that you can easily find each box if you need to make changes.