Apply For An Internship With A Cover Letter

Internships are an important part of college life because they help you prepare for a job in the field that you want to work in after you get out of school. Use a cover letter to help get your application noticed by companies that might hire you as an intern. A proper internship cover letter will let the company know why you will fit its internship needs and what you can bring to its program.


Prepare the Application and the Resume

1. Collect a copy of the application for the internship for which you wish to apply.

2. Fill out the application completely, including your name, the school that you are attending, your permanent home address and your school address, and answer all the questions on the application completely.

3. Place the application in an envelope addressed to the company with which you want the internship.

4. Write your resume. Type your name and both your home and college addresses in the top center of the page. Add a current phone number.

5. Record your educational experiences, your GPA if it’s high and any activities you have participated in during high school and college.

6. List your past jobs and any personal or professional references that would help get you the internship. Your references may include past teachers or professors, adults such as team coaches or people for whom you volunteered, and family friends for whom you worked as a teen.

7. Place your resume with your internship application in the envelope.

Create a Cover Letter for the Internship Position

8. Type the name of the person who is searching for interns and the company’s address at the top of the letter. Type your contact information after the company information.

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9. Address the internship cover letter to the contact person who is looking for interns. The opening of the internship cover letter should read, for example, “Dear Ms. Smith.”

10. Write an opening paragraph explaining who you are, what college you attend and what degree you are pursuing.

11. Write a second paragraph explaining why you are interested in the open internship position and why you think that you would be a good fit for the company’s program.

12. Use the last paragraph of your cover letter to thank the person for reading your letter and looking over your material.

13. Type your closing, print the cover letter and sign it. Place the cover letter in the envelope with the internship application and the resume.

14. Address the letter in black or blue in to the company, making sure to write the name of the person who hires interns. Include your current return address on the envelope. Stamp and mail the letter to the company.