Ati Radeon 7000 Specifications

The ATI Radeon 7000 is an outdated graphics card released back in 2002 from ATI Technologies. At the time, the PCI card was a state-of-the-art piece of technology that created high-end graphics for Macintosh games. Though it has since been replaced many times over, some older machines may still use the card and its technical specifications were very impressive at the time of its release.


The ATI Radeon 7000 uses an ATI Radeon VE graphics processor, capable of processing both 2D and 3D graphics. It comes with 32MB (megabytes) of DDR SRAM video memory.


The PCI card has no video input. It does, however, have DVI output, allowing for the installation of multiple monitors. It allows for a maximum screen resolution of 2048 by 1536 at 60MHz (megahertz), which is the most basic speed for most monitors. It has a maximum color output of 24-bits or 16.7 million colors.


The PCI card has one composite video output that uses RCA cables (yellow, white and red), one S-video output and one DVI output.


The ATI Radeon 7000 is designed for Macintosh computers and requires a Mac operating system with a machine capable of at least 66MHz.

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