Attach A Tv To A Agp Video Card

An AGP video card attaches to a computer to allow users to upload video so it can be edited and burned to a DVD. The card can also be used for connecting a second monitor or television to a computer using a DVI (Digital Video Interface) cable. If the television is equipped with a DVI IN jack, a standard DVI cable will do the job. TVs equipped with color-coded component video jacks or HDMI (High Definition media Interface) will require special adapters, available at electronics and computer stores.


1. Check the back of the TV to determine which connection to use for the AGP card. A DVI jack contains 24 holes arranged in three rows. The six-sided HDMI jack contains 19 holes. Component video will be color coded RGB (Red, Green, Blue) with three round RCA-type jacks.

2. Connect a DVI cable to the AGP video card by aligning the 24 pins in the plug with the 24 holes in the jack. Secure the connection by turning the locking bolt clockwise on each side of the plug.

3. Attach the appropriate adapter to convert the DVI cable for use with a different video connection (HDMI or component) if necessary. Otherwise, plug the cable straight into a DVI port on the TV. The HDMI plug inserts in the adapter with the wider end of the plug turned upward. Component video cables plug into the matching color-coded jacks.

4. Connect the other end of the cable from the adapter to the video Input jack on the back of the TV.

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