Attend A Motorcycle Rally

Motorcycle rallies are gatherings of riders to celebrate the sport of riding. All vary in content and size, but the basics are the same. Grab your friends (and maybe some strangers) and start your next adventure at a bike rally.


1. Use the Internet or motorcycle-related publications to find a motorcycle rally that interests you.

2. Check the rally restrictions for attendance. Some rallies have certain requirements, such as a specific make of motorcycle or a certain age limit.

3. Browse Web sites related to the rally and read about bike events that will take place. Consider playing some of the bike games, which may include scavenger hunts, poker runs and slowest rider contests, among other contests. Register in advance for these games if necessary.

4. Locate nearby lodging if the rally is out of town, or pack camping gear. Some rallies are headquartered at campgrounds, while others are in hotels.

5. Research riding laws of the state in which the motorcycle rally is held. For instance, some rallies may be held in areas with helmet laws or passing laws.

6. Take advantage of the trip by researching local roads to ride during the rally.

7. Prepare your bike, rent one or borrow one from a friend and ride or tow it to the rally.

8. Visit the rally’s vendor stands and buy souvenirs and T-shirts to remember the ride.

9. Walk around and check out other motorcycles, and be respectful by showing your approval (even if you don’t really understand why someone would paint a bike such bizarre colors).

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10. Participate in the bike games, or enjoy them from the sidelines.

11. Go home and find out when the next rally is.