Autocad 3d Slice Tutorial

AutoCAD’s slice tool enables intuitive shaping of 3D objects.

The slice tool is a 3D modeling tool that lets users cut into an object so they can more easily shape it. Slicing can be a more intuitive way of shaping an object than moving the object’s individual vertices (AKA points).

AutoCAD is a CAD (computer aided design) application that has the slice tool. Engineers and architects use AutoCAD to produce designs requiring precise measurements. Early versions of the program had no slicing or other 3D modeling functions, but today’s AutoCAD has an abundance of them. With these functions, you can create virtually any kind of digitized 3D design.


1. Open AutoCAD and select a 3D view in which to work. Select the “Home” tab, then click the “Conceptual” item in the “View” panel’s “Visual Styles” drop-down list. The “Conceptual” visual style displays 3D objects with a simple shading scheme.

2. Create an object to slice. Click the “Box” button in the “Modeling” tab, then click and drag anywhere in the main window to define the box’s base. Then, drag up to define the box’s height and click again to end box creation.

3. Begin slicing the box. Click the “Solid Editing” panel’s “Slice” tool, then click the box and press “Enter” to select it.

4. Define the slicing plane. Click any screen location near the box to define the first point of the slicing plane. Then, drag to another point in such a way that the box lies between the two points.

5. Select which side of the slicing plane you want to preserve. Click any screen location to indicate which piece of the sliced box will remain once the slice is complete. If you want to keep both pieces, enter “B.” AutoCAD will display the results of the slice: one (or two, if you chose “B” for “both”) new object created by your slicing operation.

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6. Begin slicing with an existing 2D object–an ellipse (this is an alternative way to slice.) Create an ellipse by clicking the “Draw” panel’s “Center” tool, then clicking and dragging in the main window to define the ellipse.

7. Rotate the ellipse so it can slice the box. Click the “Modify” panel’s “3D Rotation” tool, then drag on the rotation gizmo to rotate the ellipse.

8. Position the ellipse to intersect the box. Click and drag the ellipse to any location where it clearly appears to pass through the box.

9. Click the “Solid Editing” panel’s “Slice” tool, click the box, then press “Enter” to select it. Then, enter “O” to tell AutoCAD you want to use an object to slice with.

10. Click the ellipse, then press “Enter.” AutoCAD will slice the box with the ellipse.