Become A Game Creator

Game creators have a job that make many envious. Game creators design and play video games for a living, and most make a triple-digit salary. Game creators often specialize in on area, such as programming, world creation, or graphics.


Become a Game Creator

1. To become a professional game creator, a four year degree is almost always necessary. Most universities offer a specialized degree in gaming. Another option is technical school with an emphasis on game design, or game programming.

2. Internships are a common step for recent graduates. Gaming internships give the graduate a chance to develop contacts within the industry and to add experience to their resume. Internships can usually be found via university bulletin boards.

3. Once the internship ends, a part-time or full-time job may be offered by the same company. Other times, a job may already be lined up for a smooth transition from internship to career.

4. Salary will depend on the specialization within the industry chosen. Lead programmers will make more than secondary programmers, and animators make almost double designers. Starting salaries start at $50k across the entire industry.

5. Promotion is not possible within certain specializations. This is of little relevance, however, as salary increases every 4 to 6 years, usually maxing at 10 years of working in the same industry.

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