Become A Midwife In Ireland

Irish midwifes education women about caring for themselves while pregnant.

Midwife job duties focus on the care of pregnant women leading up to and during the birth of their baby. They also help educate pregnant women on look after their new baby. Ireland has a choice of midwife courses throughout the country. The majority of Ireland’s midwifery courses result in a bachelor of science degree. University College Cork offers a higher diploma in midwifery,to those already qualified as registered nurses that takes 18 months to complete.


1. Take the Leaving Certificate exams in your final year of secondary school. All midwifery courses in Ireland require prospective students to have passed the Leaving Certificate. The specific grades for acceptance vary between universities. However, all universities require that students take Leave Certificate exams in English, Irish or another language, mathematics, at least one laboratory science and two other recognized subjects.

2. Apply for midwifery degrees through the Central Applications Office (CAO). The CAO has specific deadlines for applications, with the date normally falling on February 1 in the year you take the Leaving Certificate. List your course choices in order of preference on your application. Even if you don’t get enough Leaving Certificate points for your first choice, you may get accepted into one of your reserve choices.

3. Complete your bachelor of science in midwifery at your chosen university. Ireland’s midwifery degree courses take four years to complete. The first three years of the course involves classroom study and practice placements. The amount of practice placement increases each year. In the final year students must complete a 36 week rostered clinical placement. Students participating in the 36 week placement get paid for their work at a rate close to 80 percent of a qualified midwife’s wage.

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4. Register as a Registered Midwife (RM) with An Board Altranais, Ireland’s nursing board. You cannot work as a midwife unless you have registered and remain on the active register. To register you need to submit the Verification and Registration and Good Standing Document. As of 2010, the first time registrant fee cost 145 euros and the annual retention fee cost 85 euros.

5. Take postgraduate courses to improve your knowledge and open up more career opportunities. You can choose from research master’s degrees, postgraduate certificates or postgraduate diplomas at a number of Irish universities.