Become Good At 3d Modeling

3D models are seen these days in movies, videos games and much more. And in addition to their entertainment and gaming uses, they are also used by many professionals — such as engineers, designers and scientists — to create 3D representations of objects. In recent years, thanks to the availability of cheap, powerful computers and consumer-friendly 3D software, it has become possible for anyone to learn 3D modeling. If you would like to get involved in the world of 3D modeling, there are a number of things you can do to learn the tools and techniques.


1. Download and install one or more of the many free 3D modeling applications, such as Wings 3D, Google SketchUp or Blender. Use the available user tutorials to learn the functions on the program or programs you selected. This will familiarize you somewhat with the concepts of 3D modeling.

2. Choose a professional level 3D modeling application that you would like work with and download the learning edition. There are many different types to choose from, from a simple dedicated modeler like Hexagon to a more complex application like Modo or a full-blown 3D application like Cinema 4D or Maya.

3. Study the support tutorials and videos that accompany the software. Some companies will offer more extensive support than others. For example, while Hexagon offers only wiki tutorials and a few videos, Cinema 4D offers the Cineversity where you can learn virtually anything about the program.

4. Go to websites like Planet 3D and Renderosity that offer tutorials in various 3D programs. In addition, they will often have forums where you can ask any questions you have about the program of people with years of experience.

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5. Purchase and study books related to your application as well as 3D modeling in general. The “Dummies” and” Idiots” guide series often have books covering 3D applications.

6. Purchase and study videos courses from sites like VTC or for the software you are using.