Birthday Gifts For Guys That Like Anime

Anime comes from Japan, but is famous the world over.

Originating in Japan, anime is used in graphic novels, television programs and movies thanks to its unique, striking style. Stories told in anime may be set in ancient Japan, the modern day or the future and feature characters ranging from school kids to aliens. They often have complex plot lines featuring lengthy back stories. Anime has a worldwide following and there are plenty of great gifts for devotees of the genre.

Anime DVDs

DVDs of many different anime shows and movie are available for sale.

Many anime lovers can spend hours in front of the television watching their favorite films and programs and will enjoy DVDs of anime shows, movies and specials. Newcomers to anime will enjoy the classics of the genre, like “Akira,” a movie about psychic children and motorcycle gangs in post-apocalyptic Tokyo, called the “definitive classic of Japanese animation” by Anime World. Longtime anime lovers will appreciate newer movies and “best of” box sets, like the first season of Sailor Moon, a show about Japanese school girls from outer space. A gift like this is “well worth investing in,” according to the Moon Kitty fan website.

Anime Drawing Guides

An anime drawing guide will teach readers to sketch their favorite characters.

With a little help from the right guide, anime fans can learn to draw their favorite characters and create new ones to star in their own custom adventures. Anime drawing books break down the art of drawing Japanese-style cartoons, teaching aspiring animators the ins and outs of sketching everything from scary monsters to feline-human crossbreed superheroes. Most books work to teach drawing basics first, allowing learners to work up to more complex and detailed figures as they improve their skills. As a side gift, include a sketchbook or packet of paper in addition to pens, pencils and markers to get the recipient off to a productive start.

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Anime Figures

While anime characters are rendered in only two dimensions, they are brought to life in the form of 3-D figures and toys which will be cherished by devoted fans. Many top anime heroes, villains and supporting characters are available in action figure format or as sculptures, often created in limited runs. Action figures, basically toys for grownups, can be posed in a variety of ways and perched on a desktop or kept in their packaging to increase their value as collectibles. Anime statues are often laden with detail and feature fine craftsmanship to capture favorite characters in signature costumes, poses or settings.

Anime Shirts

Pick out an anime t-shirt with a favorite character on it.

There’s no better way for anime to fans to express their love of the genre than by wearing t-shirts emblazoned with their favorite characters, so consider giving a couple of anime tees as a gift. Shirts are available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes, featuring a host of well-known characters, so think of the birthday boy’s favorite and choose accordingly.