Boost A Wireless Signal To An Acer Aspire One Laptop

Boosting wireless signal can be done in two ways. Expensive equipment can be bought and attached to the router, or for under $1 you can make your own wireless extender.


1. Check the router and make sure it has some kind of antenna on the back. It does not matter if the router has one or two antenna, it simply needs to have one to attach your wireless signal booster.

2. Navigate to the website listed in Resources for the design template to use. On that website at the bottom you’ll find the template entitled “Windsurfer.” Save this image and print it out onto card-stock paper.

3. Cut the two shapes out and on the rectangle tape or glue one side with foil, but remember where the six slits were.

4. Carve the original six slits into the rectangle with the foil on one side. Slide each edge on the other shape into one of the slits on the foil side. Once the edges are in, secure them on the other side with glue or tape. The foil side should now have a hump on it and be curved inward toward the hump slightly.

5. Make holes large enough for your antenna where the “+” marks are on each side of the hump. Then attach your new amplifiers to the antenna. The side with the hump is the side that is amplifying the signal, so point it in the direction of your Acer Aspire One Laptop.

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