Build 3d Characters

Build 3D Characters

3D graphics and animation (also known as CGI) have a great impact on movies and television. 3D graphics are also used in video games and in advertisements. Building these characters is one of the central tasks in computer animation. If you would like to build your own 3D character there are several programs that make the process easier. One of these is the freeware program Daz Studio.


1. Go to and download the latest freeware version of the Daz Studio program. You should also download the free Michael 4 and Victoria 4 figures offers. Then browse through their marketplace and purchase the texture and morph packs for both figures, as well as a number of hair props and some clothing.

2. Install Daz Studio to your computer. Then install all the other content you got from to the Daz Studio application folder.

3. Click on the shortcut on your desktop to open Daz Studio. Go to the “Library” panel on the right and browse to the figure you want to use as the base of your 3D character then select it and drag it into the scene. Find the texture, hair prop and clothing you want to use onto the figure, which will automatically adhere to the figure.

4. Click on the “Pose” tab at the top then in the panel at the right select the “Parameter” tab. You will see a long list of “morphs” for the figure.

5. Use the morphs to adjust the shape of the head, the ears or the nose to alter the appearance of the figure. Use these controls in combination to create your 3D character.

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6. Select “File” and click “Save.” In the dialog box that opens name your character and save the file for later use.