Build A 3d House Online

Build 3D house online.

Three-dimensional (3D) design is an art that traditionally required an advanced skill set. But now, 3D modeling software, which automatically converts a flat image to 3D format, is commonly available for amateur designers. You can use this neat, handy software to create a 3D model of a house online.


1. Try Plan 3D, an online interior design tool that allows you to create a design from your computer. Choose a kitchen, bathroom or standard room. Design each room down to the finest details, such as cabinetry, furniture, and fixtures then put it all together into one house. The software also allows you to design the exterior, including a driveway, flowers, bushes, trees and a plush lawn. In addition to private homes, you can also design a commercial building using this online tool.

2. Use FloorPlanner to design your home and view it in 3D. This tool allows you to design your custom house floor plan in 2D then look at it in 3D. Create new rooms including living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens using “drag and drop” technology, then add them to the plan. Create a FloorPlanner account so that you can save the plan to your computer and come back later.

3. Create your online 3D design using Small Blue Printer. Choose the option to start from a blank plan or use a sample plan. It’s easiest to start from a sample plan if you’re new to this task. Add walls, doors and windows to the plan (no furniture or frills—just the basic floor plan). Once you have finished your plan, click “3D Walkthrough” to see what it looks like in 3D. As another option, click “Isometric View.” This tool also allows you to print the floor plan.

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