Build A 3d House

A 3-D house made with 3-D modeling software.

Three-dimensional technology is nothing new and has been used for more than two decades to bring construction and graphic design ideas to light with the aid of a personal computer. The prospect of building a 3-D house from the comfort of your home is an exciting idea and a simple task with the necessary 3-D modeling software, some of which is free and others that must be paid for to use.


Finding the Software

1. Download the 3-D modeling software to your computer. You can find some free software like Google SketchUp or House Maker 3D and paid software in the Resources section.

2. Install the 3-D modeling software by double-clicking on the installation file and by following the on-screen instructions that the installation gives you.

3. Run the 3-D modeling software by double-clicking on the newly created icon on your desktop.

Building the House

4. Create a new project by clicking “File,” “New” in the software window to open a new project window.

5. Build the floor first. Each software uses different tools, but they are all similar, so you will need to use a block or rectangle creation button to make this the right size.

6. Build the outside walls using the same method as for the floors. It will take some trial and error to get all the dimensions correct.

7. Build a flat roof on the top with the same rectangle or box creation tool to finish priming the 3-D house for additional components.

8. Start building doors, windows and other internal walls with the necessary creation tools. You can then move onto making a triangular roof and adding other household objects if your modeling software comes with these.

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