Build A Literature Organizer

When you are finished with a box of cereal, save it for making a literature organizer.

You can make a simple literature organizer from a used cereal box. Some commercial literature organizers are built more like a cabinet or a cubby system and are arranged horizontally. However, you can place several homemade cereal box literature organizers side by side to organize your materials vertically. You may want to make it less conspicuous and cover up the old cereal box design by painting a solid layer of acrylic paint over the outside of the organizer when you have finished it.


1. Remove the top flaps of a cereal box so you have an open top.

2. Draw cutting guidelines in pencil, using a ruler to make a straight line. Draw a horizontal line across one narrow side of the box, one fourth of the way up from the bottom. Draw a diagonal line on each wider side, starting from the point that is one fourth of the way up from the bottom where you drew the line on the narrow side; extend this line to the top opposite corner.

3. Cut along the lines you just made. The organizer will be shaped like a narrow box with a triangular shape missing from the top and one thinner side lower than the other. This triangular opening will allow you to stack books or periodicals inside, leaving the majority of the spines visible above the shorter side of the box.

4. Before storing books or periodicals inside, paint the outside of the box with a base layer of acrylic paint. Let dry. Add another layer of paint to coat completely. Let dry.

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5. Repeat the previous steps, making several organizers to hold a variety of literature.

6. Organize the containers by placing the same periodical, such as a magazine subscription, in one organizer or stand several next to each other to hold an entire collection. You can also group your literature by theme or author. Stack literature inside the organizers so the spines face out above the shortest side. The wider sides should be touching and the shortest thinner sides facing forward.

7. Label each organizer by writing a brief description of its contents, such as the name of the periodical or the theme of the literature, on the shortest side of the organizer. Use a permanent marker.