Build A Virtual Car For Kids

Free online Flash applications allow kids to build their own virtual cars online. These applications provide templates where children can alter color, design and car make. Some games allow children to race the cars that they design. These applications work in any Flash-enabled browser and allow children to create as many different cars as they like.


Create a Ride

1. Go to the “Create a Ride” webpage and start the application.

2. Click the arrows under “Change Car” until you find a car template you want to use.

3. Click the arrows next to items on the menu to change the car design. You can change things such as the paint job, tires, wheel size, body height and decals.

4. Change the backdrop to see your car in different settings, even driving down the road.

5. Click the “VIN NUMBER” button and record the number of the vehicle. You can use this number to return to your car at any time.

6. Press the “Shift” button and click “Reset” to start over at any time.

Virtual Car Tuning 2

7. Go to the “Virtual Car Tuning 2” webpage and start the application.

8. Click on a part of the car in the menu above or below.

9. Drag the car part to the car in the center of the screen and position it where you would like.

10. Drag and place pieces of the car until you have built a virtual car that you like.

Convertible Supercar

11. Go to the “Convertible Supercar” webpage and start the application.

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12. Click the arrows to change parts of the car design. You can change things such as the car’s bumpers, body colors, tattoos and lights.

13. Click the “Reset” button to start over building a new car.

14. Click the “Next” button to take your virtual car to a race.