Build The Best Dark Yugioh Deck

In the YuGiOh card game, your goal is to use a combination of spells, monsters, and traps to damage your opponent’s monster cards and eventually his own life points. There are several card affiliations such as Earth and Fire as well as Light and Dark. Building the best Dark deck requires that you know pair up monsters and spells and work to use the cards from your deck, your hand and your

Graveyard of discarded cards to always keep on the offensive.


1. Add Monster cards to your Dark Deck that play off of one another. For example, for a powerful magic Dark Deck, add Dark Magicians as your main Monster and Dark Magician Girl as a backup. Every time you lose a Dark Magician to the Graveyard, your Dark Magician Girl will receive a 300 point boost to her Attack rating.

2. Incorporate the Magician’s Circle Trap Card, which allows you to summon a Spellcaster monster, such as the Dark Magicians, from your deck during an attack.

3. Place several Zombie creatures into your deck such as the Goblin Zombie. When you damage your opponent, you’ll force him to discard the top card from his deck, while you can search your deck for another Zombie monster with a Defense rating under 1200, and place it in your hand.

4. Add a Zombie Master to your deck. This card can be used to discard a Monster Card from your hand to resurrect a Zombie from the Graveyard. This works well with your other Zombie cards in the deck.

5. Use Trap Cards to prevent your opponent from building up an army of monsters while you build up your Dark army. Bottomless Trap Hole destroys any monster your opponent summons with an Attack rating over 1500.

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6. Make use of Spell Cards that are based around your Dark deck. The Allure of Darkness allows you to draw two cards from your deck at the cost of one Dark monster needing to be removed from your hand. This can help you draw powerful Dark cards while sacrificing your lesser monsters such as the zombies.

7. Add spells that affect your player’s Graveyard. For example, the Book of Life allows you to summon a zombie from your Graveyard while removing any monster in your opponent’s Graveyard from the game. This works even better if your opponent is relying on his Graveyard for additional support.

8. Use the Foolish Burial Spell Card to draw a monster from your deck and send it to your Graveyard. Follow up with the Monster Reincarnation Spell Card to take the monster from your Graveyard and place it into your hand. Use this combination to always have the best Dark monsters in your hand.