Build Websites With Macromedia Studio Mx

Macromedia Studio MX is a powerful suite of programs for building websites.

Macromedia Studio MX is a powerful suite of programs that can be used to build websites. The Macromedia Studio MX suite is made up of four different programs: FreeHand, Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver. Each program serves a different purpose in helping you build websites. According to the manufacturer, developers can, “build websites and applications with Dreamweaver, create interactive content with Flash, generate web graphics with Fireworks, and incorporate vector graphics with FreeHand.” Using all of these programs together, you can build websites with Macromedia Studio MX.


1. Create your basic website design and layout in Macromedia Dreamweaver. Depending on your skill level, you can use the visual mode or the HTML-code mode to do this. Use placeholders to stand in for graphics and animations for the time being. Make sure that your placeholders are all the appropriate size for the graphics or animations that you will be including later.

2. Draw any vector graphics or drawings in Macromedia FreeHand. Since the graphics you create in FreeHand are vector drawings, they will be completely scalable to any size that you want at a later time. This is useful both if you plan to include them directly on your website or if you plan to edit them in Macromedia Fireworks or another image editing program before including them.

3. Design any web graphics that you will be using on your website in Macromedia Fireworks. Fireworks integrates easily with the other parts of the Macromedia Studio MX suite, so you can work with your vector drawings from FreeHand as well as create graphics that are meant specifically for inclusion on a Macromedia Dreamweaver site.

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4. Create any animations or interactive sections of your website in Macromedia Flash. This is a powerful animation program, and also has features to allow interactivity with anything you create. You can build games and applications within Flash almost as easily as you can create animations, and they will easily integrate with any Macromedia Dreamweaver design.

5. Return to Dreamweaver and incorporate the vector drawings, web graphics and animations you created with the other programs into your website. Since the entire Macromedia Studio MX suite is built to work together, Dreamweaver will have many built-in functions to import files created in the other programs included in the suite. Your website will then be complete and ready for publishing.