Build Your Own House In 3d On The Computer

If you want to build a new house, you need an idea of what you want the house to look like. Sketches are helpful, but you can also use a computer to create a clear, compelling 3D representation of your ideas. Use the free version of Google SketchUp to help you build the 3D home of your dreams.


1. Open SketchUp. You are presented with several templates to choose from. Pick an architectural template (see Resources).

2. Change the view to “Top” so you are looking down at the ground surface. Use one of the “Shape” tools to draw out the area of your house.

3. Use the “Inset” tool to create an inset that will become the walls. Change the view back. Then use the “Push” tool to raise the walls, extending the wall in the 3rd dimension. Use “Boolean” operations to remove sections of the wall to make room for doors and windows.

4. Use the “Rectangular” shape to create the roof. Use the “Push” tool to give the roof depth. Divide the roof down the middle with the “Line” tool. Select the line; raise the roof to the desired angle. Use the “Move” tool to place it on the house. You now have a basic 3D model of your house.

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