Card Making Ideas Using Cricut

Use your favorite color paper to make creative cards with Cricut.

Cricut is a machine that enables you to input data to produce paper cut-outs that you can use for cards and other crafts. Cricut is able to cut shapes, images and letters from construction paper to help you make professional-looking cards from home. You can make cards for holidays, birthdays, invitations or to say thank you. Handmade cards can be a fun craft project that shows friends, family and acquaintances that you took the time to personalize a card for them.

Birthday Cards

Birthday cards made using Cricut can be simple or elaborate depending on the amount of time you wish to put into the project. Ideas include graphics of cupcakes, cakes, birthday gifts or the person’s age. If you create a graphic of a birthday gift, you can tie a ribbon around the card as a bow for the gift. Glue the ribbon to the card to ensure that it stays in place. Print out “happy birthday” using the Cricut or write it by hand with a metallic pen. Embellish the card with glitter or sequins to make it look more dramatic.

Christmas Cards

Christmas is full of images that you can use to make exciting cards using a Cricut. Christmas trees, tree branches, penguins, snow flakes and stars all work well for this holiday. Once you have your folded card stock, attach the cut-out to the front of the card with glue. Decorate Christmas trees with sequins for ornaments or with pipe cleaners for tinsel. You can embellish snow flakes with white glitter to make them stand out. Consider layering cut-outs on the front of your card to give it more depth.

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Holiday Cards

You can create cards for other holidays throughout the year such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Use the graphics program within the Cricut to find suitable images to use as cut-outs. You can make Valentine’s Day cards with hearts and flowers, and Easter cards with a bunny rabbit or Easter eggs in pastel colors. Halloween has numerous options including witches, ghosts and haunted houses. Thanksgiving cards look good with a turkey or a cornucopia on the front. Be creative and embellish the cards to make them more personalized and decorative.

Other Card Ideas

You can make thank you cards and invitations on the Cricut using various images and themes. An idea for a thank you card is to simply cut out the words “thank you” and glue them to the front. Embellish the card by tying a silk ribbon around the cover and gluing it to stay in place. You can make invitations in the theme of the party or event, whether it’s a baby shower, graduation party or wedding.