Careers In Computer Game Design

As computer games become more complex, the size of the development teams involved has drastically increased. Where once only a handful of individuals would work on a game design project, there is now a much more compartmentalized approach. The production of a video game is broken up into many areas, each having a different expertise. There are several careers available in the video game industry.

Script Writer

Much like movies, most video games involves a story. The script writer develops these stories and determines the best way for a video game to tell them through actions, cut-scenes, and dialogue.

Level Designer

The level designer considers all aspects of the video game with a mission of creating a world that can contain the story that is being told through intuitive level layouts and artistic representations.

3D Modeler

Video games featuring 3D graphics require modelers, who design the characters and environments in a 3D modeling program, such as 3DS Max.

Art Coordinator

With so many creative minds at work designing everything from characters to overall level appearance, the Art Coordinator must make sure that all of the stylistic choices made can work together in a cohesive and appealing way.

Game Engine Programmer

Most computer games rely on an engine, which details the rules by which all elements of a game will behave. Designing the computer game’s engine can be one of the most demanding jobs in game development, and the most critical.

Computer Game Director

The director of a computer game is similar to a movie director. The director must evaluate all aspects of the computer game, ensuring that all parts not only work together well, but will also be an enjoyable experience for the player.

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