Cartoon Movie Maker Games For Pc

Make your cartoon dreams come true with cartoon animation software.

Cartoon animation software is beneficial for professionals and hobbyists looking for shortcuts and tricks to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Both two-dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D), using original cartoons and stock images included with the software itself, you can create impressive movies using the assistance of the various programs available for purchase and use on the PC.

Animoids 3-D Movie Maker

Animoids 3-D Movie Maker is a program that abandons the traditional cartoon model, and focuses instead on newer, cutting edge 3-D graphics. Simplifying the complicated system of 3-D modeling, users will enjoy a set of premade models, textures and movie sets. Controlled almost exclusively by mouse-clicks, the Animoids 3-D Movie Maker is very broad and can be used by novice and professional cartoon movie makers. Ideal for animation students, there is still a learning curve to the software, involving some time and effort.

iClone 4

iClone features real time animation including motion paths, 3-D video models and drag-and-drop creations. Video producers with all levels of experience will enjoy exploring the ins and outs of iClone 4, the most recent 3-D movie machine as of 2011. With its tools and features, you can streamline a final animated product from scratch or partake in some video compositing. A free download is available to try out and the product with full features is less than $80 (as of June 2011) for the standard software pack, and just below $200 for the PRO version.

Crazy Talk

Crazy Talk takes a unique approach to cartoon animation, allowing you to take full body photos of yourself, friends and family members, and the software will create actors from these images. Using real-time puppet animation and auto lip sync, the 2-D final product will also include props and sound effects. Use the advanced timeline in editor mode to have complete control over your animation. The software is listed at about $180.

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IllusionMage uses integrated modeling and rendering, including plenty of natural environments and the ability to draw 3-D models. Using the cartoon graphics available, you can design your own 3-D video game, make movies and create interactive 3-D content for websites, presentations and entertainment. You can purchase this software directly from its website for less than $50.