Catch A Rainbow Trout In Mabinogi

Mabinogi is a free massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) featuring 3D graphics and a fantasy setting. Characters in Mabinogi are able to group together and fight against monsters and learn various “life” skills. One example of a life skill is fishing. Fishing allows a character to cast a fishing line into a body of water and reel in various items, such as fish, potions, herbs and even equipment. One common fish that is needed for several quests is the rainbow trout. Rainbow trout are only obtainable from one body of water.


1. Learn the “Fishing” skill. To lean it, equip a fishing rod. Fishing rods may be purchased from the following NPCs (non-playable characters): Malcolm in Tir Chonaill, Galvin in Emain Macha, Shenon in Port Ceann, Effie at Qilla Base Camp, Pierrick in Taillteann and Zeder in Vales Petra on the Fishing Boat

2. Visit Emain Macha and find the Sen Lake, a large body of water surrounding the southern portion of the town. This is the only location in which rainbow trout may be found.

3. Click on the “Fishing” skill, then on the body of water from which you wish to fish. You may either auto-fish or use the fishing “minigame screen” to catch fish. If you use the minigame screen, you will need to use your mouse to keep the displayed fish in the red box. Drag the red box over the fish to do this.

4. Wait for your character to find a fish. If a fish does not appear in your inventory and your character falls back, fishing has been unsuccessful. If a fish appears in your inventory, the attempt succeeded. Note that the items obtained when fishing are random. It may take awhile to catch a rainbow trout.

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