Change The Battery Color Of An Iphone

The iPhone comes with preset colors for its icons and operating screens. The default color for the battery in the screen that shows that the battery is charging is green. This color can be changed, providing that the iPhone has been jailbreaked. Jailbreaking an iPhone does not damage its operation, and it’s possible to return the iPhone to its original state if a problem should develop with altering its file.


1. Attach the jailbreaked iPhone to a computer using the USB connector from the iPhone to a USB hub on the computer.

2. Run the Bricker program on the iPhone and navigate to System/Library/CoreServices/ Load the battery/BG files to be changed from this location into the graphics art program. View the files that all have the same color for the battery. Pick a set of files that all have the green color for the battery and change the color of the picture of the battery of each of these files to the color you want using the graphics art program. Save the file with the new color for the picture of the battery back to the desktop of the computer with the same name as the original file had.

As an alternate, you can download a picture of the battery that already has been made and use these files instead of making your own colored battery picture.

3. Copy the new files with the changed color of the picture of the battery back to the same location in the iPhone as where the original files came from using the Bricker program. This will erase and replace the original file with the new file that is now being copied to the iPhone.

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4. Disconnect the USB connection to the computer. Remove the USB connector attached to the iPhone. Restart the iPhone.

5. Plug the iPhone in to the USB connector and plug the other end into the USB port of the computer. Wait as the battery charging screen lights up on the iPhone. Look at the new battery color on the battery charging screen of the iPhone now has.