Change The Graphics Mode In An Area 51 Laptop

Some Area 51 laptops such as the M11x allow the user to select different graphics modes.

Some recent models of the Alienware Area 51 laptop line such as the 11-inch M11x have the ability to switch between integrated graphics and high-performance discrete graphics at the user’s discretion. This gives the owner the best of both worlds in a laptop that is powerful enough for gaming, but doesn’t waste battery power when performing lightweight office tasks. Select the graphics mode in your Area 51 laptop to get the best performance for the task at hand.


1. Restart the computer and tap the “F2” key on the keyboard repeatedly until the hardware setup utility loads.

2. Use the keyboard to navigate to the “Advanced” category.

3. Select “Enabled” under “Switchable Graphics” and press “Enter.”

4. Select “Exit Saving Changes” and press “Enter.” The computer will restart after saving the change you have made to the internal battery.

5. Press the “Fn” and “F6” keys on the keyboard simultaneously after Windows loads to toggle between the integrated and discreet graphics modes.

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