Change The Ram In An Hp Pavilion Ze 5500 Notebook

Hewlett Packard Pavilion ZE5500 series notebook computers feature an Intel Pentium 4 processor, integrated ATI Mobility Radeon AGP 3D graphics, 15-inch TFT display screen, wireless-G networking capability and three USB 2.0 connection ports. The ZE5500 series also features two memory expansion slots, designed to support up to two 512 MB DDR266 SODIMM memory modules. Changing your notebook’s RAM may prove necessary when upgrading the operating system or running resource intensive applications. Upgrading the existing memory may also increase the speed of the computer’s performance.


1. Turn off the laptop completely. Disconnect any peripherals connected to the notebook, including the AC adapter.

2. Set the notebook face down on a suitable non-conductive work surface. Push the small latch on the bottom of the notebook and remove the battery from the side of the machine.

3. Remove the screws that secure the square memory expansion slot cover, located near the bottom left edge of the notebook, using a small Phillips head screwdriver. Lift the expansion slot cover off the notebook.

4. Expand the two tangs present on each side of the installed memory module. When the memory module releases from the side tangs, slide the memory module from the expansion slot. Repeat the removal procedure on the remaining memory module installed in the system, if applicable.

5. Remove the replacement memory module from the anti-static packaging, being careful not to touch the electronic chips or metal contacts.

6. Insert the replacement memory module into the expansion slot at a 30-degree angle, and with the notched end between the metal contacts matching the small bump inside the expansion slot.

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7. Press the memory module down until you hear an audible click and the small tangs secure the sides of the module.

8. Repeat the installation process for the remaining memory expansion slot, if applicable.

9. Replace the expansion slot cover and screws. Replace the battery and reconnect the peripherals to finish the process.