Change Views In Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya utilizes two types of views. Orthographic views show the front, sides and top of the animated object. Perspective views rotate the animated object in a 3D configuration. A single view of the animated object is displayed in a viewport, each of which provides a drop-down menu at the top for changing and selecting different views.


1. Click on “Panels” in the options displayed at the top of any of the Maya viewports.

2. Select a new view from the options provided in the “Panels” drop-down menu to change the view displayed to the selected new view.

3. Choose “Perspective” if you want to view the top, front or sides of the animated object.

4. Choose “Orthographic” if you want to view and manipulate the animated object in 3D. Simply click on the animated object and hold the mouse button down as you move the mouse. The object follows the direction of your mouse, turning in 3D space.

5. Click “Layouts” to change the organization of the Maya viewports.

6. Select “Saved Layouts” to bring up any layout or series of layouts of views you have customized for the Maya animation project.

7. Click on an axis of the Maya View Compass, which looks like any multi-directional map compass. It appears on the Maya animation project screen and adjusts the view of the animated object to the viewport that corresponds to the selected axis.

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