Change The Settings On An Ati Radeon Xpress 200 Series

If you are not happy with the graphic display on your computer using an ATI Radeon Xpress 200 series graphics card, then you can amend the settings. Settings and preferences for ATI graphics cards are controlled through the ATI Catalyst Control Center. The Catalyst Control Center governs all editable settings. There are two editing modes–basic, which revolves around a wizard setup, and advanced.


1. Click “Start,” “All programs,” “ATI Catalyst Control Center,” then “ATI Catalyst Control Center.”

2. Click the “Wizard” button to run the automated wizard. This is recommended for beginners without prior technical knowledge who want to improve their setup.

Click “View,” then “Advanced” if you want to gain more control. A list of “Graphics Settings” will now appear on the left.

3. Click the “+” icon next to options such as “Display Panel Properties” and “3D” to access further settings. “Display Manager” allows you to change color quality, basic monitor settings and resolutions, and to set up secondary displays. Use “Display Options” to handle 3D refresh rates and TV outputs. Click “Monitor Properties” to maintain and adjust all available monitor settings. Click “3D” to amend some advanced 3D settings. From here you can change the quality of certain 3D settings.

4. Click “Apply,” then “OK” when you have finished to save the settings.

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