Characteristics Of A Good Media Graphics Designer

Graphics designers need a wide range of skills.

If you have an artistic bent, an interesting and exciting field to be a part of is media graphics design. These designers produce work for record companies, advertisers and magazines. Businesses know that the key to selling their product or service is first getting the attention of the potential customer and then relating their message in a clear but engaging way. This is where the media graphics designer steps in and forms her rough ideas, images and text into a single graphic design. The exact requirements of a particular company will vary, but the general characteristics of a good graphics designer are usually the same.

Artistic Skills

Good media graphics designers will need to have considerable artistic ability and experience. Beyond simply being able to draw well, they must have an understanding of color, layout and typography. They also need a sound knowledge of at least one (or preferably several) graphics programs, such as Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Illustrator and QuarkXPress. In addition, they need to be able to work cross-platform, equally at ease on either a PC or a Mac, because their employer may use either or both. An ability to use a digital tablet is a plus.

Organizational Abilities

An important attribute for any graphics artist is that he be highly organized. The artist has to take what is frequently a jumble of images, text and crude sketches provided by other departments and assemble them into a polished and coherent whole. These organizational skills also help the artist deal with the fact that she is frequently on a tight deadline with several projects in the works at the same time.

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Communications Skills

It is extremely important that a media graphics designer has good communications skills. Beyond the need to be able to communicate to the customer via the graphic design, she also has to be able to clearly understand the requirements of the people she works with. Otherwise, time and money can be wasted due to simple misunderstandings.