Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teen Girls

Show your teen you care with these popular stocking stuffers.

Your little girl is growing up, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll cost a mint for Santa to stuff her stocking. Most teen girls will appreciate these tried-and-true little gifts that come with a lot of love this holiday season.

Gift Cards

Two things your teen girl can’t have too much of: music and girl talk. Stuff her stocking with gift cards for downloadable music, as well as the much coveted cell phone minute cards.

Sweet Tooth

Retro candy is always fun and not hard to find. Aside from all the online offerings, specialty candy stores are making a comeback; you can even find some fun, different candy gems in your local drugstore. Look for kitschy Pez dispensers and Jelly Belly candies, get into the lollipop action with See’s chocolate or vanilla specialty lollipops, or look for the cute Japanese characters that adorn Harajuku Lovers lollipops.


Teen girls love makeup and nail accessories. Nail art in a box will unleash her creativity. Miniature nail polish sets let her try out new and different color combinations. Nail polish strips in fancy colors and vibrant patterns, along with glitzy nail gems. can make your teen feel like a posh princess.

Gleek Out

Teens love “Glee,” the musical show based on a fictional high school glee club. Get your Gleek on with the latest Glee CD, DVD movie set or the Glee trivia game.

Get Personal

Buy her something with her name on it. There are many stores online that offer customized T-shirts and gifts at a very reasonable cost. Make your teen a special shirt, mug or hat with her name on it for a personal touch.

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Add rhinestones to something special. Blinged-up accessories, such as cell phone cases, tablet and laptop covers and portable video game cases offer a lot of bang for your buck. You can also get headbands, scarves and hair clips, all at the drugstore or your local mall.


Buy her a book. Reading is hip and cool again, thanks to several big blockbuster movies and TV shows that were made from teen, young adult books and graphic novels. “The Vampire Diaries,” “The Nine Lives of Chloe King,” “The Hunger Games” series and Meg Cabot’s “Allie Finkle” series are just a few fun teen titles. Go to the teen section of your local bookstore and peruse the titles until you find something that your avid reader will love.

Baked Goods

Bake her something yummy. Your teen may love your home-baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Then again, she may go gaga over a giant black-and-white cookie with her initials on the top, or perhaps a tin of some decadent chocolate dipped biscotti. Baking her a special treat is priceless.