Check A Graphics Card In Ubuntu

There are ways to find information about your graphics card in Ubuntu.

Linux is secure operating system originally based on UNIX. Ubuntu is a leading desktop distribution of Linux. While the average user doesn’t need to check the details of an installed graphics card, such as make, model, type etc., there are instances where having this information is useful. There are a number of methods to obtain this information, both command line and graphical. Some methods may seem daunting at first glance, but are relatively easy.


Command Line – lspci

1. Open a terminal. Go to the “Applications” menu and highlight the “Accessories” submenu. Choose “Terminal.”

2. Enter the following command into the terminal:

sudo lspci |more

3. Locate the line in the output that says “VGA controller.” It lists the information for the graphics card. If you have a laptop, the VGA controller refers to the port for an external monitor and the display controller refers to the graphics controller for your laptop screen.

Command Line – glxinfo Accessories > Terminal” menu option.

5. Execute this command:


6. Scroll up through the information and take note of the pertinent graphics information. This is more detailed configuration information than the lspci information.

Graphical Interface – Sysinfo System Tools > Sysinfo” menu.

9. Choose the “Hardware” option from the menu on the left of the window that comes up. Select the Graphics Card from the drop-down menu and click on the arrow to the side of the VGA Controller to show the information about your graphics card.

Graphical Interface – Hardinfo

10. Install Hardinfo from the repositories, using the Synaptic Package Manager. Run the Synaptic Package Manager from the Administration Submenu under the System menu. Search for “hardinfo” in the search field and mark the software that comes up for installation. Press the “Apply” buttons in both windows to install it and close the package manager.

11. Open the System Profiler and Benchmark from the “Applications > System Tools > System Profiler and Benchmark” menu.

12. Click on the PCI devices to list all of them. The VGA compatible controller shows the graphics card that outputs information to an external monitor. If you have a laptop, you may also have a display controller showing the information for the screen connected to your computer.

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