Check My Video Card Compatibility With Ati

Check the compatibility of your ATI card.

ATI Technologies is a company that produces graphics cards. These graphic cards are required when either editing video content or playing graphics heavy video games. However, before installing a new graphics card onto your computer, check to make sure the ATI card is compatible not only with your current video card, but your entire computer.


1. Power on your computer and click the “Start” button, followed by “Control Panel.” The Control Panel window opens on the middle of the screen.

2. Select “System” and the system information window appears on your desktop.

3. Look over the amount of RAM, hard drive space and processor speed of your computer.

4. Check out the box of the ATI graphics card. The box states what the system requirements are on its side.

5. Compare the system requirements of the ATI graphics card and that of your computer. Your computer must surpass all of the requirements of the ATI card before you can use the card in your system.

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