Children’S Reading Activities For The Classroom

Reading activities help chidlren see the joy in reading

Teaching children read is not always an easy task, yet it is one of the most important parts of a child’s education. Children’s reading activities for the classroom are designed to enrich and enlighten the reading experience and hopefully lead to a lifetime love of reading.

Graphic Organizers

Reading comprehension is an intricate part of the reading process and one that is not always that easy to grasp. Graphic organizers such as a Venn diagram or a fishbone, help children dissect parts of the story, compare stories and distinguish between the main idea and the supporting ideas.

Silent Reading

Sustained silent reading is simply giving students a set time every day to read. The usual time is about 15 minutes. During this time, everyone in the classroom, including the teacher, reads a book of their choice silently. This activity is often done right after recess as a transition back into the classroom. It gives children a chance to see reading as an enjoyable, relaxing activity.

Bookmark Projects

Have students make bookmarks for their favorite book or for a book the class is reading. Encourage them to draw scenes from the story or, if they are able, to draw themes from the story such as the main idea or plot. The bookmark can than be used during their silent reading time at school or at home.

Book Reports

Book reports are a way for teachers to ensure students are reading and understand what they read. Book reports do not have to be the traditional forms that state the main idea and plot. Instead, have your students make collages and dioramas that depict scenes or themes from the book.

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