Compare Ati Video Cards

ATI video cards, manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), is a popular line of computer graphics cards that can allow computer systems to run graphically demanding applications. ATI video cards range from low end video cards to meet basic graphics needs to high end cards that can run the most current computer games. Some ATI cards can also run a feature called CrossFire, which allows multiple video cards to be used it a single computer. Determining and comparing the specifications of video cards can help you make an informed decision about buying a card that will fit your needs.


1. Go to the “AMD: Certified Graphics Card Solutions” web page (See Resources.). The link will take you to AMD’s official graphics card comparison and product information page.

2. Alter the values in the dropdown lists under “Refine Your Results” on the left hand side of the window to filter the graphics cards that are displayed by different specifications. For instance, if you only want to consider video cards that have HDMI output, change the dropdown value under HDMI to “1.” Results will be automatically updated with video cards that fulfill your selections.

3. Browse the video card models listed and check the check boxes next to 5 or fewer cards that you wish to compare.

4. Click the “Compare Selected Items,” button at the bottom of the video card list. A chart will appear comparing relevant information about each card you selected such as memory size, CrossFire capability and video outputs.

5. Click the “Back” button to go back to the previous screen and compare different video cards.

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