Compare Centrino To Centrino 2

The Intel Centrino 2 processor provides key improvements over the first Centrino.

Centrino technology powers all wireless laptops that use Intel processors. Intel Centrino processors contain many of Intel’s latest technological innovations. Multitasking, multimedia performance and wireless network performance are all improved under the Centrino brand of processors, according to Intel. Although the Centrino and the Centrino 2 processors have many similarities, they have a few core differences in their capabilities. The Centrino 2 processor improves on the technology introduced in the Centrino, and includes a few new features of its own.


1. Compare the two processor’s micro-architecture technology. The Intel Centrino uses silicon-based technology to manufacture the Intel 45nm high-k (Hi-k) metal gate processors.The Intel 45nm packs more transistors into the same silicon space than older Intel processors. The Intel Centrino 2 uses hafnium transistors instead of silicon in its processors. This reduces the risk of electrical leakage, and improves transistor performance. According to Intel, this allows the Centrino 2 to have a higher performance and lower power output than the first Centrino processors.

2. Compare the cache capabilities of the two Centrino processors. The Centrino supports Intel Advanced Smart Cache. The Centrino processor can support up to 6 MB in its L2 cache, enabling better performance, responsiveness and power efficiency over older Intel processors. The Centrino 2 processor substantially increases the L2 cache performance up to 12 MB.

3. View the wireless network capabilities of the two processors. The Centrino uses the Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Link 4965. The WLAN adapter supports data rates of up to 300 Mbps. The Centrino 2 uses Intel Wi-Fi Link 5000 Series. The Centrino 2 supports data rates of up to 450 Mbps, much higher than the Centrino. Intel also reports that the Centrino 2 provides 802.11n connections up to eight times faster than the first Centrino.

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4. Refer to Intel’s official Centrino 2 page for more noted advantages over the Centrino (see Resources for link). According to the Centrino 2 page, the processor delivers processing performance gains of up to 50 percent over the first Centrino. Additionally, the Centrino 2 improves computer performance in memory-intensive functions, such as HD encoding by up to 90 percent.